about me     

Mname is Johanna, I am an Organisation & interior Design Consultant.

I truly believe that a home that works for you and makes you feel good, can make your life more beautiful.

From window displays to photoshoot styling, interior design to decluttering, my professional journey is all about making life beautiful and practical. I was also the P.A. to Yves Taralon, the acclaimed French designer and decorator.

Decluttering and Organising

I know first hand that clutter can really create a feeling of anxiety and behing 'out of control'. 

In my mid twenties, I was feeling unfulfilled and unhappy and found myself 'comfort buying'. It made me feel ashamed and embarrassed. I had a realisation and went on a path of a simpler and more mindful way of buying.

I can help you declutter and organise your home to help you take control back was reduce your stress.I Feel in control and reduce the stress of looking for your stuff.

Whether you are moving home, feeling overwhelmed by the build-up of clutter in your space, or simply need help with your overstuffed wardrobe, I am able to help.


I have years of experience in the Design industry.
I will help you redesign your space to make it feel lighter, brighter and more beautiful. Whilst  ensuring that the design reflects your personality and needsI can create:

- mood boards,

- source furniture & objects to spice up or calm down your interior.

- design storage solutions and find a cabinet maker.



Looking to sell your property? I can help you stage your home and give you tips to make your space look its best when it comes to selling your property.


Rather than simply disposing of objects and furniture that you may have fallen out of love with, I can show you how to repurpose them effectively, giving them a new lease of life or changing it's “purpose” to create a home that is unique to you.