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Therapy room North London

My client is a therapist who had just started renting a new therapy room. The room was a charmless white box

I visited the place with B. who told shared her vision for the room: colour and design tastes,  the way that she would use the room, how she would like it to feel.

We discussed her budget and options. 

Based on these informations, I created a mood board and sourced furniture, lighting and accessories within her tastes and budget.

I organised a focused shopping trip with her which helped her see the furniture and save time.

Here is the result.

Check the mood board & sourcing as well as the BEFORE picture here.

Flat in East London

This Hallway was dull and uninspiring. The owner was now looking to give this space entrance some character. I had already designed some floor to ceiling cupboard (right) and sourced a vintage cabinet to display the collection of shoes, I imagined a striking effect and  chose a really dark blue. The result is a really atmospheric entrance to the flat. The dark blue was mixed with a gold sprayed frame and fairy lights gives it a whimsical quality. 


House in Walthamstow

I originally worked with my client to help her declutter and organise her living-room. There has been some damp problems and she had fallen out of love with this double living area which became a dumping ground.

When I told her that I could also help with redesigning the space the was texcited. We redefined the purpose of the 'dumping ground' and created a snugged reading areaI helped her pick the right colour that worked with her existing furniture. I also advised her to paint the back wall to unify the two rooms and bring them together. She is thrilled with the result.

Small flat Paris

In this really small Parisian flat the kitchen is right in the entrance/landing. The space is small but perfectly formed. The storage had to be cleverly thought. The cabinets and drawers come from the high street but installed in a creative and graphic way which leaves room for hanging utensils as well as for displaying decorative objects. The results: a really personal as well as practical look.

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