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mood board & sourcing

 Private leaving-room North London

My client and her husband are both busy professionals who needed assistance in redesigning their living-room. They had one design thread that was their lovingly picked curtains as a base for the design.

We sat down together and they told me about their tastes and needs as well as their budget.

I created a mood board and source furniture, lighting and accessories according their tastes and budget.

The project is still ongoing and I am looking forward to sharing the end result later.

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 10.44.57.png

My client is a therapist who had just started renting a new therapy room. The room was a white box with no charm. 

I visited the place with B. who told me about her vision for the room: colour and design tastes, how she would use the room, how she would like it to feel.

We discussed her budget and options. 

Based on these informations, I created a mood board and source furniture, lighting and accessories within her tastes and budget.

I organised a focused shopping trip with her which helped her see the furniture and save time.

You can see the end result here

Therapy room North London
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