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Why work with a decor and organisation consultant?

When you ask this question you often get two opposite reactions:

- "Oh my! I SO need you in my house!" or

- "But, surely, people don't need to pay someone to help them tidy up?!!!"

Which means that, in the world of Organisers and decor consultant, there are two types of people.

The one that already have a strong sense of organisation and, therefore are likely to not need our expertise.

And the ones who lack a sense of organising/space/time/energy/ideas... and who really need our help.

Here are some exemples on how I have helped people.

General space organising. For most of people, the simple idea of starting this task means that they would rather go back and curl up in bed. Now, the good news is that however daunting it seems, it can be tackled for good. Yes, it will require an effort at first. But once you have created a system that works for you, it will only be a matter of keeping at it, a little bit at a time, 10/15 minutes at the most on a daily basis.

Some of my first tip are: start small and build up your confidence. Start with the area that you find challenging. With the help of a professional, you will learn a methodology and tricks to keep for a lifetime. It might take a few sessions to get the right storage solutions and method but if it is thoughtful and personalised, it will be easy to maintain.

Life events organisation. In life we are all faced with events for which you can get help to reorganise your life:

Decluttering and staging for selling.

- Moving/extending home: It has been proven that a good home staging can help you sell your place not only for a better price but faster. I help people through those testing times by going through the nitty gritty of the process (I can deal with the removal companies for you), staging and decluttering your home with you before putting it on the market. As well as helping you schedule your packing/unpacking, relieving you from the stress and getting ready to live in an uncluttered and organised home new home quickly by reorganising your new home.

- Birth: excepting a baby requires a lot of organisation. A professional can help you create a nursery, source and set up the furniture (cot, changing table, chest of drawer, baby bottles...). Organise everything to make your life easy when the baby arrives, leaving you stress-free to enjoy the arrival of your new bundle of joy.

- Bereavement: when we are faced with those painful situations, it can feel overwhelming to have to be faced with the practicalities of dealing with your loved ones belongings. I help people declutter, sort and pack. Helping you with the process of decision making (donation, selling, keeping) in a calm, unemotional manner.

Wardrobe Decluttering and Organizing: In a life time we accumulate a lot of clothes, bags, accessories, shoes, that we sometimes keep for the 'wrong' reasons. I help people going through this process that can sometimes be emotional (I have seen such a relief in my clients after the sessions). Once decluttered, I help reorganising your wardrobe and drawers in a way which allow you to find and tidy your items easily on a daily bases. No more bumming around in the morning,

Garage/cellar. They tend to be overfilled with the items that we don't know what to do with or only use seasonaly (Christmas decoration, winter or summer items, sport, gardening equipment...). The end result will be a clear organised space in which you can also park your car in.

Kitchen. Cupboard organisation. One of my favourite area to get my hands on. Designating the 'right' space for everything. Separating the sweet cupboard and the savoury one, pots, pans, larder... Helping you save money by not buying food that you already have in numerous amount but can't see/reach). Organising the fridge. Everything has to be stored in their rightful place so that the use of your kitchen flows and the cooking becomes an enjoying, stress-free experience.

• Artists studio. More often than not, artists lack the practicalities of dealing with clutter, although they create a lot of it, they would often rather concentrate on their art than dealing with the tidying. I have helped musicians and artists reorganising their studio in a way that is so practical that they will be free to create without anxiety (see my website pictures).

• Storage design. With my designer and artist background, I help clients rethink their space and design bespoke storage furniture drawings that they can pass on to their own cabinet maker or the ones I can advise them to contact.

• Stora

These a only a few reasons why hiring a professional organiser can help you regain control over your lives. We can also help with offices, children rooms...

My background being in design, I personally also help people rethink their space, creating an environment that reflects their personalities. As a decor consultant, I create mood boards and source furniture and accessories. Advise on colour schemes and tricks to make your space look bigger and more efficient. And most importantly a space that reflects your personality and your life style.

Please get in touch if you need my help and advice.

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