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On mindfulness

This is a blog that comes from the heart. This week, I am not going to share tips or informations but I am going to put myself out there and share with you what I believe in. Because as Alley Jean Aka the Visibility Queen says on Louise's Cartwright's podcast (check them out people!), there is no point in having a business in which you can't be your true self. So this is me people.

I have recently reentered the world of high street retail by actually going out shopping for an item in Central London. This is an exercise that I try to avoid at all costs, especially since I work with people to clear their clutter.

Oh my! Right! I went to a huge - no naming names - clothes shop on Oxford street for one specific item. Nowadays I am really mindfull of what I buy which means that I rarely buy clothes. Don't get me wrong, I love beautiful clothes. I believe that it is a great way to show off your personality and moods and that the right outfit can really cheer you up or make you feel amazing. But here is the confession: I am a recovered compulsive buyer. When I was younger, mainly in my 20s, I wasn't really happy and the thing that I used to cheer myself up was going shopping. The worldwide Swedish Brand that has invaded our high streets now had just opened it's first shop in Paris and I remember queuing up and going crazy for their super cheap fast fashion. I would shop on a weekly bases and buy loads of stuff because I loved the buzz of getting my hand on something different or quirky. I would come home literally high from it. But soon enough the high would turn into a low and I was feeling terrible at the vacuity of my actions, ashamed at all the overspending on items that I didn't even wear. Yet I would do it all over again the next week. It was a compulsion, you can say an addiction. I was trying to fill a void in me and it took me years to face this issue. I eventually faced the reasons behind my problem when I started a therapy for something unrelated. I realised that it was something that had been past on to me through previous generations and once I understood the core of it I started to face the reality of what it did to me and I am now on the other side.

All of this is to say that shopping doesn't make you feel better, it is actually a crazy wheel you get on that has no end. Our society is trying to make us believe that owning the next new thing/trend will makes us feel 'complete', but there is always a next new thing lurking around. So we end up more and more dissatisfied, and compulsively unhappy. This society has gone mad on consumerism and we all have fallen victims to it to a certain extend.

Nowadays I buy little and as a treat. I really enjoy what I purchase and I make sure that the feeling will last (if not I return it if in any doubt which is rare). I still own too much though and I must confess that it is maybe time for another round of wardrobe decluttering. Even the pros have hiccups sometime.

So I guess what I am trying to say is, please be mindful of what you buy and what is the feeling behind it. Treat yourself when you feel that you deserve it but remember that the energy of the objects that you bring in your homes will affect you to a certain extend.

I wish you lovely week and I will be back with more mood blogs soon now that I have unleashed that natural me. Please share the love.

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