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4 steps to decorate your Xmas tree.

Can you feel it in the air? Xmas season is definitely in da house! So it's time to think about bringing the daddy of all the Xmas decor, the Christmas Tree... in da house, right?

Ok! this can be a slightly touchy subject, what with the 'Real Trees' lovers snorting at the 'they-do-amazing-fake-trees-nowadays' lovers. I personally LOVE the real tree thing, I mean that smell, right? It brings tears in my eyes when I smell it first thing in the morning. But you also get people like my beloved mother-in-law who after swearing her whole life that she would never get a fake trees, has nicely settled down for the past 3 years for a "really practical" non needle loosing fake beauty. I mean whatever suits, I am aware that all options are absolutely bad for the ecolovers, but this is another subject altogether. You can decide to decorate your Palm or Yuka tree for all I know. What matters is the rituality of it all, the shared moments, the souvenirs!

So let's do this, yes?! After the initial excitement most people are left in a wandering zone of: where do I start? SO this is where I come in an show you the glorious xmas tree decorating easy steps, ready?:

Before anything, decide if you want a theme to your tree. If not, it' sure for all, but wait guys, in nicely order:

1- Put the tree topper on the top of the tree. Once the tree nicely settled down vertically, it might be tricky to reach the top.

2- Wrap up the tree with electric fairy lights. It is the basic of the decor. It will structure the shape of your tree. And because you place it first, it will light up all the other decorations and make them shine. So from top to bottom, spiralling down around the tree, half-way through the branches.

I personally prefer the white coloured ones, the way they shine in the dark...

3- Garland time if you wish. Same concept as the fairy lights, top to bottom wrap around. I personally don't use them as I feel that they 'weigh down' the structure of the tree. But again, it's up to you.

4- Then comes my favourite bit: The decorations!

Start with the larger ones mi-way through the branches as they are heavy and might weight down and crash on the floor. Make sure they are evenly spread around the tree for a beautiful visual effect. Repeat the same process with medium and small decorations. Make sure they don't hang on the edge of the tree branch for obvious reasons: crash.

Finally you can decorate the foot of the tree. I like using old fashion paper as a tradition.

I hope this was helpful and hopefully inspirational and early enough t reach you in a creative flow.

During the process, I like making it festive: chocolate and mince pies for the Kiddos, and well, mulled wine for Moi!

Happy Christmas tree decorating Folks!

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