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New Year, New Home!

At last, the craziness of the the Festive season is behind us. In theory the tree is sadly decorating the pavement, tinsels and baubles are relegated to their box, on to of a shelve, napping cozily till next year. But what now? What state is your home in after days of family invasion? Do you find that, instead of finishing to tidy things away you have been shove them in dark corners or under the bed where would will happily leave them to be forgotten? Except that they won't be forgotten, they will weigh on your mind, lowering your ability to relax fully.

So I am asking you: are you going to settle for this? I mean, I know that the New Year resolutions don't often last. But I am not talking about this here, I am talking about a NEW VISION, your new vision. For you and your home. Isn't the best time to sit back and dream? It's cold outside so you are spending most of your time in. It's the perfect time to look after your home. To sort things that you never find time to do. Get rid of the stuff that have been pilling up through the year. Not so fun you think? Ok, I'm with you, but getting rid of old stuff makes room for new things to come in and that's where the fun begins. So why don't you get together a few decoration magazines for inspiration, have a cuppa or a glass of wine. Get the girlfriends in if you fancy and make a vision board. Cut, glue, have fun!

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Start by cutting away everything that rocks your boat. Can be an ambiance, an object, a colour... Don't limit yourself. Then try and sort through all your cut outs. Make 'families'. By this I mean, put things that are alike together. Can be textures, colours, themes (see above). The idea is to try to start seeing common themes which keep appearing. Once this is done, you will see what is inspiring you and start looking for paint, furniture or accessories that you want to surround yourself with. This is the fun bit, trust me.

You don't have to hire an interior designer but just let your heart and imagination take the lead. It doesn't have to be a huge refit. You can just change a few things. A wall that is tired can be repainted (I have just done this and it took me half a day)or wallpapered, a few new cushions or a throw added or some new lights... You can upcycle an old chest of drawer with a new lick of paint or some new knobs? The options are endless, as long as you find something that lifts your heart.

If you need some guidance or don't really know where to start, you can get in touch with me and I will be happy to work with you to help you create your new improved space. I create personalised mood boards, source and shop with my clients. And something that they were dreading to do actually becomes really enjoyable and easy once you start pulling the thread.

Your home needs to be pampered too. You will feel so much better for it. So, when do you start?

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