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January home organisation.

Let's face it, in January we are mostly hibernating at home. It is time for cosy nights & weekends in. So isn't there a better time to look after our beloved home. After last week's blog on vision boards, I thought I'd tell you about organisation. It might not sound like the most exciting thing to do, but I can tell you that once you get going, you will really appreciate the benefits of an organised home.

Because a home that is organised will allow you to clear up (and we know how much clutter can affect our wellbeing, please read my previous blog on it: and enjoy staying in. Being organised will make your life so much easier by saving you time and stress. A few adjustment can make your life so much easier. By organising the storage, you can fight the chaos. Then keep at it, 10 min a day!

Put some of your favourite music on and have fun!

Here are a few things you can start putting in place in different rooms:

- Kitchen: I love a nicely decorated cosy kitchen so I am not telling you to get a sterile look. Displaying lovely kitchenware is a plus. But keep it tidy.

Start by going through your food cupboards and check the dates. Chuck everything out of date or open for far too long. Then try and organise your cupboards clearly. At home, I have dedicated places for the utensils + pots and pans on one side, near where you'll use them. Then plates, glasses and serving bowls are stored together (the least used items should be store up high). Then the food: I use this 'division' but try something that works for you: one for savoury items and spices. One for sweet and baking items. Ideally, use some boxes and see through jars so you ca see what is where. Simple as that.

Living-room: this is the place that everyone use so it can quickly become chaotic. So once you'll have organised it, do a quick tidy up every day. You will keep on top of things. Try to use closed cupboard for things that can look messy. But remember to store them in containers and by different families. (DVDs, games, CDs, craft stuff... all should have a dedicated space to make it easy to tidy away). Try to keep the surfaces clean and clutter free.

Bedrooms: there is nothing less relaxing than a messy bedroom. Your brain won't be able to switch off and rest if you try to sleep in an untidy bedroom. Same goes for appliances. I am all for a TV free bedroom. Surfaces should be free of clutter (I am not talking about decorative items). Store your bits and bobs in closed boxes: Jewelry, pots of cream (bathroom items), paperwork (which shouldn't be in the bedroom at all)... Same goes for your clothes. Make a point of sorting your clothes every day: dirty items in the laundry bag, the rest back in the drawers and cupboards. Seasonal items out, the rest stored away in neat labelled boxes.

Kids room:

Go through the kids toys/games... and discard everything that is 'bitsy' i.e. mismatched bits of games and toys that are no longer in use like the odd jigsaw bits or lego, you get the idea. Donate the games and toys your kids no longer use. Then take stock of what is left and arrange them by families in dedicated containers (boxes, baskets, shelves for books). This makes it clear for the kids to know where to put them back and so will you.

I now feel like a nagging mum! But seriously folks, if you embrace those small changes it will change the quality of your life for the better. Please get in touch via Facebook 'your space in mind' if you have any questions.

So, when do we start ?!

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