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On inspiration and value.

I am on a journey. Aren't we all? My journey has many aspects, each reflecting one of the many roles and sides of my personality and life. I want to open up about how my journey is unfolding professionally and the thoughts and feelings behind it all.

I am a professional organiser and design consultant, This is the title I have chosen in an attempt to describe what I do. I created it for myself and even if it sometimes feel labelling a bit limiting, I feel that this works for me right now.

All my life I have been attracted to art and design, to what made life more beautiful. But I also have a really practical side in me which is great, because I see myself as a maker, a doer, and I have to say, a helper. And this part of my personality that makes what I do come together.

Yet sometimes I find it complicated to explain all of what I do.

This has required some soul searching as I seek to clarify my message and my vision. I have been asking myself:

- What do I offer to people? What needs do I fulfil?... What is my value? How can I serve people best?

So the first thing that comes to mind his that I want to help people feel better. And I truly believe that it starts with the place you call home or work in. Because when you spend time in a place that makes you feel anxious or out of control, it impacts negatively on the rest of your life. And I want people to live in places that are beautiful and relaxing to them. A place that makes them feel whole.

I specialize in creating a family home or a working environment that is a joy to live in and makes people feel good.

This all mindful approach is not only making me connect to my purpose but also feel closer to my clients. I really believe in what I do. I want to offer them a transformation that will make their heart sing, that will make them breathe more deeply and that will help them to connect to who they are deep down.

There are two sides in my business that I see as complementary, you could even say holistically linked. I help people clear out and reorganise their space and I also design, create mood boards and source furniture for my clients that will resonate with them.

I want to help people achieve:

- a clearer mind, improve the clarity in their lives,

- a reduction in stress and anxiety,

- a simplification of their lives,

- a sense of calm and relaxation,

- time saving their to do more fun things with their loved ones,

- help them create a vision and a transformation, be inspired, creative,

- help them make a space that reflect who they are,

- think the style, colour schemes, atmosphere, materials that suits them,

- be mindful of what they bring into their lives.

I am truly grateful for this process because I feel really tuned in. And I am really aware that all my life experience comes together in this job that I have first instinctively created but now mindfully nurturing.

Thanks for reading folks.

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