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Invite Mother Nature in.

I don't know about you but I can sense Spring in the air and Oh my! I can't wait for it. Wait! that is it why I am seeing plants everywhere in various Interior trends?

So, let's face it, we will have to wait for another two month at least to enjoy the real thing. What about bringing Mother Nature into our homes? Plants of all sorts will add charm and warmth to your interior. And there are so many new creative ways to enjoy nature in: exotic lushness, accumulation, screens or partition, vegetal walls... Here are some gorgeous ideas to do it:

(H&M Home)

Exotic lushness:

I love the way plants are used to transport you into another world. I recently went for a coffee at the Tram Store (E5) and I was struck by the way they have transformed a Victorian tram depot with high ceilings into an urban jungle. The tropical plants are hanging from their pots attached at different heights on the walls or metal beams. The overall effects is jungle like. Brilliant! Off course, it might be difficult to copy it in a flat but it is greatly inspiring, see bellow.


I am a great fan of mix and matching when it comes to home decor, from chairs to crockery & cutlery, I love a good mix of styles. So no wonder why my heart sings when I see these pictures (found on Pinterest) of different pots and plants. The mix of different size and style of plants and accessories creates a vivid effect that bring a smile to your face. I love the way they not only add warmth to a room but are also playful or graphic, sweet or delicate. Use a mix of vintage and modern plant pots or upcycled glass jars to hang plants from the ceiling for lush effect.

Green dividers and partition:

The loft trend of the past 10 years as well as the small size of most urban places as forced designer to get creative and find ways to divide a room without limiting the sense of space and light. Those light shelving system filled with small plants pot act as a vegetal curtain or partition screen. It is a creative way to not only keep a sense expended space but to also keep the light in.


Lush bathrooms:

For those of you who are lucky enough to own a spacious and luminous bathroom, adding plants will add a feel of exotic luxury. It will help you truly unwind and transport you into another reality. Suspended, accumulated or create as a centre piece like a vegetal wall will have a stimulating and restful effect.

Graphic installations:

If you feel put off by the work involved in tending to plants, there are alternatives that will reconcile you with having plants without being a drag. You don't have to buy many plants to add a nice 'green' feel to your interior. I find that some really graphic plants or branches artistically places in beautiful vases or containers have a striking effect. The same goes with a simple gorgeous plant surrounded with beautifully graphic pots or baskets.

So there you have it, my little blog of magic greenery. I hope it inspired you.

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