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Transform, don't throw away.

For those who know we this week's blog won't come as a surprise. I was raised in a wonderful creative family where we would all come together to redecorate a family member's space and give it a new lease of live. I always do my painting myself and sometimes I even repaint a room in half a day when I feel inspired. The other thing that my mum taught me is a love for vintage objects and furniture. Picking some chair or table from the street and giving it a new lease of life was a common thing growing up and still is. From where I am sitting now on my kitchen table, half of the chairs I found on the street and took home for some TLC. I just love a piece that has a story.

Working in people's home and seeing the amount of stuff that we bring in - or throwing away without realising that it creates a cycle of waste - saddens me. I truly believe that this throw away mentality has to change. We need to be taught more creative ways to reuse and revamp our belongings. Luckily I am not the only one to think this way and nowadays it is something that I see a lot and find really inspiring.

Here are some beautiful way to do it:

- Upcycling:

Transform an old and tatty object and make it a thing of beauty. People like Max ( or many other are geniuses when it comes to transforming any old part into something practical as well as creative and beautiful. Now, it takes some skills and vision but there are people out there who can help, or if you appreciate those design, why not thinking of them next time that you really need to buy a piece of furniture. It will give your interior an edge and personality and will protect the environment. And please don't send your old furniture to a skip, donate!

- Repurposing:

There are plenty of beautiful objects that you can use with a twist. For example, a lovely coloured tin that you can turn into a utensils or pen pot. But it doesn't stop here. There are plenty of ways to give objects a different yet beautiful or useful purpose. Here are some examples that I have found online or done myself:

Found on the internet

From my home

- Repainting:

As I was saying I am all for a piece with history but let's face it, some come in some kind of a state. Well, let me tell you that the ugly duckling is ready to turn into a swan. There are talented people out there who would be happy to help and advise you as well as internet tutorials if you feel inspired and don't yet have the skills. The next examples I took from my life. I have spent the last summer holiday at my parents new home in Brittany repainting furniture that came with the house bit needed a new lick of life.

- Kintsugi:

Have you heard of Kintsugi? It's philosophy is all about beautiful objects and not throwing away. Me in a nutshell! JUST LOVE IT! It is a Japanese technique for repairing broken ceramics with a special lacquer mixed with gold, silver, or platinum. "The philosophy behind the technique is to recognize the history of the object and to visibly incorporate the repair into the new piece instead of disguising it. The process usually results in something more beautiful than the original." You can buy repair kits online or find a workshop, I quite fancy that. Might be my next treat.

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