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Why I love my job.

I have recently been doing some soul searching whilst taking a story telling course aimed at my business. It had become so part of me that I didn't reflect much on it. However since I had to, it made me realise how grateful I am to be doing this very unique and fulfilling job.

In a serendipitous way, I have created my own tailored job description by mixing what I am good at with what I love and I am so grateful for it. I see myself as some kind of space therapist or something along those lines. I want to help people create a space that will make them feel happy and relaxed, but that will also be beautiful and in tune with their personality. These are the reasons why I love what I do.

It makes a difference.

I love helping people. There is no better feeling than knowing that you have made a difference in people's lives. When I work with clients on the decluttering and organising side of my job, I can read strain on people's faces when I arrive. Clutter causes a lot of stress and anxiety because it makes it impossible for people to really relax and enjoy their space. It signals to our brains that the task is never 'done' and I can see and feel what it does to people. After a session I always see relief and gratitude on their face and in words and it is the best feeling.

It is therapeutic.

Decluttering can be an emotional awakening or journey and I have given a few comfort hugs during sessions. Often people hold on to their belonging because it is a reassuring them consciously or subconsciously until they realise that it is actually suffocating them. Clutter can also stop you from moving forward in life, realising your dreams, because it is telling you that you are failing, or that you are stuck. I can also isolate you socially, because you feel ashamed or guilty and stop inviting people around.

One of my clients described her feeling in those words when I asked her how clutter made her feel:

'Words I would describe to how it makes me feel is suffocated, stressed, tired, guilty, claustrophobic'.

Being able to assist people emotionally and without judgement during sessions is such so rewarding.

I have my clients needs in mind.

When I help organising or designing a space I always work around my clients needs and personalities. This is such an crucial point for me. I would never be turning up to people's places with a formula that I would impose to them. I understand that we are all different and that the only way I can truly help people is to really listen to their needs and tailor my intervention. This is why I believe that the professional expertise that I have built up over the years comes handy. I always feel humbled when people trust me enough to share their vision. And I have also learnt that if you impose some kind of formula you are bound to fail, because we are all different.

I have a vision.

So no matter if people hire me as an organising or designing consultant, I will make sure that I understand their needs, tastes and personality before I suggest any changes. Once I understand the way they 'interact' with their space, I will then do some adjustments and research before suggesting anything. And So far it has been the combination of all the above that has made Your Space In Mind successful.

And me so happy...

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