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Tips for a stress free suitcase packing.

With half-term just around the corner, I thought that a little bit of help with the suitcase packing was the appropriate topic for this week's blog. For those who are lucky enough to get away from it all, I am compiling my best tips for a stress free packing experience. Whether you are travelling on your own or this your tribe, there is always a way to make the suitcase packing experience stress free.

1. Plan a few days ahead and make a packing list, or just use this one

2. To avoid creased t-shirts, shirts, trousers and the like, fold them, roll them (see picture above) and pack them tightly. No one wants to start a relaxing get away with an ironing session. I pack the shoes separately in a bag for hygienic reasons and to avoid stains.

3. When I travel with my kids I usually pack a large suitcase for all. My way of keeping organised is to pack each person's items in a separate bag. By doing so you will make the unpacking much easier. During packing, I only take a small bag to each bedroom, fold, roll and fill it. By doing so I avoid carrying the suitcase everywhere around the house. Then I put each bag in the suitcase. It makes the unpacking super easy.

4. My wash bag is always ready to go, I just have to grab it and go. I actually have 2. One for short stays and want for longer holidays. In the first one, I always have small bottles that I fill with grooming essentials, and samples that I keep for this purpose. For the longer stay, I like a larger wash bag that has different compartments and can host bigger bottles.

5. Use ziplock bags for your electronics chargers, cables, adapters… If anything (which shouldn't happen but one never knows) spills, they will be protected.

They are also great for medication or any loose items that you will need to present to security.

Cling film the neck of any liquid items before replacing the cap if you fear that the liquid might run out. Specially body oil. (photos bellow from The Container Store)

6. Bring a few foldable bags for your stay. Use them as laundry bags, shopping bags...

7. Invest in a small luggage scales to avoid any surprise and additional fees. Also, wear your heavier items on the day of travelling to lighten your load.

Whoever you are, the super organised packer or last minute one, I hope these tips will help you ride the wave of packing up in an easy and focused way.

Enjoy your break


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