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Festive table tips.

Right! , when it comes to a festive table, I'm all for More is Best. I want my table to be fabulous and welcoming.

My favourite tips are:

- Have something that runs through the length of the table, it can be a table runner or it can be a decoration created by you. It will create a visual unity and give a feeling of getting together (if your table is round, same idea). My favourites are:

* Foliages: super pretty, fragrant and often free the bring joy and warmth on the table.

* Fairy lights or candles, anything that add some magic and atmosphere. However, candles can be a fire hazard so don't place them near foliages without a high container. You can find wonderful battery operated fairy lights in most shop nowadays with different designs.

- More is best. I love an over the top table. Busy and shining with glassware and tableware. I mean it is a special occasion, let's embrace it. Use your Sunday best glasses and plates, cutlery that used to belong to Great grandma, the whole lot. Celebrate them too!

- Gold: I am a magpie when it comes to decor, if it's shinny I will go for it. The idea again is to reflect the light and create a blowing atmosphere. It can come in the shape of cutlery, the rim of a glass or some star glitters spread on the tablecloth. (it's my take but, don't forget that your table will fell even better if the decor matches your own tastes. Can be pink and red or whatever you like after all).

- Mix and match: Again, it's all about daring to mix and match your posh vintage tableware with your modern glasses. Don't big scared, you can get the best results putting a moderm tumbler or wine glass next to a vintage water glass. Just have fun!

- Enjoy it for as long as possible: Being French I want my Xmas dinner to last for hours. I have memories of the family coming together from 6pm to 2am (I know that in the UK it happens at lunch time but you get the idea) and never stopping to sit down and it. Apéritif & amuses-bouches, oysters, smoked salmon, and other sea food, capon and all the trimmings, cheese and bûche. Oh!... and chocolates and coffee.

It was wonderfully indulgent and joyful. I want my dinner to be this way because it only happens once a year so we might as well enjoy it to the full. Happy Christmas, Hanukkah or Big U day.

Whatever it is for you: Bon Appétit!

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