Finding paint inspiration for your home.

I am in the process of having my kitchen repainted myself and I know how tricky it can get when it comes to deciding on the colour of your walls.

When we moved to our place 8 years ago, we decided for a grey in the kitchen. But not any grey.

And believe me, even a simple colour like grey comes in a multitude of shades (no joke intended).

This time around my other half fancied a 'classy green', the kind of ones that you'd find in a pub. I really wasn't sure about it so we did a lot of research, ordered quite a few samples, only to go back to... grey. But this time, it will be a slightly different one and I will also add a mustardy yellow to add a twist.

It is all exciting and happening now, although I am still looking for the perfect mustardy yellow but it took us time to decide.

All of this to say that I totally understand how daunting it may feel if you don't know anything about colour and decoration. So I am going to share my favourite tips for colours and inspiration in order to hopefully simplify your research.

To start with, if you're not sure about the colour to use to refresh your bedroom or to paint your new office, start by doing some research.

Depending on your style there are plenty of places to go to like decoration magazines for every taste. My favourite for edgy yet timeless inspiration is The World of the Interior magazine (unfortunately their website is, shall I say, minimalist). So I also love looking at Elle decoration website and other decoration blogs. Pick a style that resonate with you though.

The internet is also a treasure of possibilities so just google something like 'blue bedroom inspiration' and you'll get a lot of matches.

Pinterest is brilliant to create your own inspiration board when you don't know where to start. It is really useful because you can amend your board at any time and share it with someone else. Here is an example of some inspiration on Pinterest:

Then when you have decided on your project after finding inspiration and creating boards, you should have an idea of the colours you want to use, it is time to refine your colour choices. So the next step is to try them on your walls.

It is really important not to skip this step as paint really behaves differently in different lights. A powder pink might turn into a dirty grey in a shaded living room. So please people, sample paints on your walls, with an S. Paint a section of the ALL your walls to see how the colour reacts in different lights. Also make sure you like the colour at different times of the day, in day light or with your lights on at night time.

Where to do your shopping?

Going to your local DIY shop is an obvious choice. I go to my local independent paint shop to buy samples because they are helpful and I believe in shopping in independent shops but this is another story.

However when I have found myself too short of time after the first unsuccessful attempt so I had to order more samples online. Nowadays it is possible to order samples from any company, from Farrow & Ball and Little Green to Dulux and Leyland. It will cost you around £5 for a next working day delivery but it might be worth it if you are short of time.

As you can see there are many ways you can make sure that you choose the right paint and avoiding having either to repaint the whole room or to live in a space that won't feel right.

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