"Johanna was brilliant! She completely turned around my open-plan living room which had become a bit of a dumping ground for my kids' toys and all our...stuff. She has a really creative eye and a vision of space and how best to use it. She also spruced up some of my tired old furniture, including a mirror I was about to take to the dump which she sprayed gold (and which I now love), and I can honestly say I feel like I've moved house! I can truly recommend Johanna as a hard-working, speedy, creative person who has a great eye but is also a really good listener"

- Dina E, Journalist


I am featured in the Hackney Gazette, click on the link and have a look.

"I had been struggling for years to keep our small London flat clutter-free, but Jo knew exactly what to do. First, she really listened to what I had to say, so she understood why the clutter problem kept coming back, leaving me feeling overwhelmed and reluctant to even tackle it. When she looked around the rooms, she saw possibilities I had not seen, and also knew exactly where to start. So we got started! Within hours we had made great progress. Things are now in the right rooms, I know where to find them and we have a lot more space where it matters. The girls now have space for a desk in their bedroom and it feels much more airy. I was so inspired that after Jo left I immediately went to the building supplies shop for white paint and repainted the walls. The girls were delighted with the transformation and so was I. I can’t thank Jo enough for her help, and I still can’t quite understand how she does it! She has a natural gift for space planning.”

- Jennifer S, Architect

Redfin (Spring 2020) :

13 DIY Home Decor Projects You Can Complete in a Weekend


"I am so happy and relieved thanks to the work Jo has done for and with me. I have been working back to back for two whole years and my studio and my storage were cramped full of stuff. I couldn't get to most of them. it made me feel down. We worked weekly for four sessions and transformed the space. Jo came with a fresh eye and brilliant ideas for practical, tidy storage. She is unjudgmental and fun company"

-  Nina S, Artist

"I loved Johanna's hands-on practical approach. She understood my needs straight away and it was actually an enjoyable experience. I am now happy to go in my office. I highly recommand working with Johanna. Thank you!"

- Makila N, Jewlery Maker

"After Johanna first came, I felt so inspired to continue sorting things. She showed me a few systems that I would have never thought of and once I had them, I was able to do lots on my own. Johanna is kind and patient. I feel very scattered and embarrassed about my clutter, but she never makes me feel judged.

-  Marie D, Business Coach